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guiding superior peace of mind since 500bc

We deliver a traditional mindfulness practice in a contemporary, engaging and neuro-scientific framework.

Wellbeing • Performance • Enlightenment

We believe that practicing mindfulness is the necessary first step in changing individual minds and human cultures for the better. We are here as expert guides on your journey of personal and collective transformation for and within your business. 

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Meet Your Guide, 
Manish Mallas

Manish grew up in California, in an Indian family with a direct mindfulness lineage stretching back 2,500 years to when his family were students of the Buddha. As a child, Manish was selected by his family to carry on the lineage. Since then, for over forty years, he has been practicing meditation, breath-work and yoga. 

​​Manish has taught thousands of people — from CEOs to 2nd graders — to understand and manage their minds in order to enjoy happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives. He has a passion for making the ancient practice of mindfulness relevant and practical to our modern lives.

With regular practice, you will:​​

  • Improve mental and physical health and fitness

  • Deal with stress and enjoy more happiness

  • Enjoy meaningful relationships

  • Build the mental skills to sustain high-performance

  • Walk confidently on the path to spiritual enlightenment​, guided by your purpose



We cater for individuals ranging from complete beginners to the those with decades of practice under your belt.


Our goal is to guide you, your team and organisation along the 3-stage mindfulness journey.

Conscious Leadership

Your 'enlightened' quality is developed through a deep investigation into the nature of yourself.

What Clients Say

Great Experience

Mallas shares in a way that has inspired me to go on my own journey of discovery - to listen to my own experience. He has shown me the value of listening deeply to my inner world - what I hear / what I feel / what I think - to listen to each breath.

 Murray Davis 
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