You might notice that we've changed our name.

The Mallas Mindfulness Method was previously known as Sensational Intelligence.



We offer mindfulness training to individuals and organisations. The practice remains the same, but every person and organisation has different needs. We meet you where you are and guide you to the next step. We offer services aimed at:

  • Improving mental and physical health and fitness

  • Dealing with stress and creating more happiness in life

  • Building the mental skills to sustain high-performance

  • Guiding people on the path to spiritual enlightenment

What is the Mallas Mindfulness Method

The MMM is a step-by-step approach to getting you mentally healthy and fit. We integrate our proprietary neuroscience-based mind model with 4 ancient practices, giving you the knowledge and practical techniques to change and improve your mind.

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Where does the Mallas Mindfulness Method come from? 

'Mallas' is Manish's family name. 2,500 years ago, the Mallas family were the rulers of the kingdom in India where the Buddha died. As well as managing his funeral rites, Manish's ancestors learned to practice mindfulness directly from the Buddha, and have passed it down within the family over many generations. The Mallas Mindfulness Method is the simple, deep and effective technique originally taught by the Buddha, kept alive within the Mallas family, and now shared with the world again by Manish Mallas, who frames the ancient practice with a neuroscientific understanding of our minds. 

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Our Services 

We help individuals and workplaces live and work better by harnessing the power of their minds. 

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– Online daily practice group

– Retreats & Events

– Online courses

– Coaching



Chief Mindfulness Officer program (long-term culture-building)

– Conscious Leadership Program

– Stress & Wellbeing Program

– Coaching

I have been meditating for almost 40 years and I felt enormously blessed when I found Manish 10 years ago. Manish is The Real Thing. He integrates science with age-old meditation practices and philosophies. My latest work with him has been the 30-day mindfulness online course. It is a joy to have a positive, invigorating yet relaxed wake-up call in community, led by Manish. I wish I could sign on for a year. It has made me supple and resilient in the way I respond to the day. And it's so easy a habit to slip into! A real gem.

Robyn Emerson

My wife and I have both recently completed the November 2020 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge with Manish. Manish is a thoughtful and highly competent teacher and his authentic and positive style is extremely rare. He fully grasps the complexity of mindfulness practice but approaches every concept in an understandable and achievable way. I highly recommend Sensational Intelligence to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Murray Davis

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