Day 11
30-day Online Course

The Deep Now

As your focus gets stronger and more sustainable, you'll find ever-increasing depth (resolution/subtlety) in the present moment. It's just like when you first enter a darkroom you can't see anything, but as your eyes adjust themselves over time (you don't have to do anything!) you see more and more.


Depth is required for any serious work to be done. Your health, happiness, meaning in life, creativity and connection with others, as well as all complex issues (e.g. anxiety, climate change, etc!) can only be understood and changed down at the deep end of your mind.


Strength of focus is how you go deep. Building it can't be rushed, and there are no hacks or shortcuts ("Meditate deeper than a zen monk in 5 minutes!"). But on the other hand, it's simple (but not easy!) to build focus, and when you put the effort in, the rewards are inevitable -- they are literally waiting for you to unearth them!





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