Day 18
30-day Online Course

Do less, BE more!

We looked at acceptance from a different perspective today - one of less doing and more being. Although at first the practice can seem full of endless doing (focus, recover, accept, repeat...!), over time and overall, this is a practice of 'stopping doing' - let the monkey (thinking) and mammal (reacting) rest (which is to say, get enough insight and self-control to allow them to rest). What's' going on - particularly internally - that doesn't require you? Bring your mere observation (human mind) to that...and accept it AS IT IS.


This is a radical act of self-love, which immediately reflects as loving what is out there too. 😍


As this mental training you're doing begins to take hold, you will find yourself in this aware and accepting ( = loving) posture more and more until it becomes your new default background. This is how the practice gradually begins supporting you. Although, 18 days in, there is still a fair bit of work for you to do to build it!😊





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