Day 2
30-day Online Course

Calm & Alert

This first week we're looking at presence.


​Continue to take 1-3 deliberate breaths, and notice how they can be an anchor for a mindful moment. Pay attention to what's going on in that moment.​


Notice how when you're in that moment you let go of absolutely everything, in particular, all of your thoughts and emotions and the whole external world, past, future, your sense of self...etc! (But...don't worry if it doesn't feel like this...all these things have such momentum that even when we stop feeding them they can keep going for a while.)


The moment doesn't need you to do anything. And given that what you're (mostly unconsciously) doing now is creating problems...the first step is to down tools. Stop doing, and simply observe! Getting present allows for this.


This morning we talked about being calm and alert. See if you can notice these two qualities in your moments of presence. There are many other words we could use to describe the state of presence, and you will come up with your own.


In fact...take a moment now! Take a breath, taste the presence....and then please write down a word or two description in the comments below.

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