Day 22
30-day Online Course

Deep-Seated Issues

Today we talked about the process of getting rid of deep issues - the kind that cause untold damage over a lifetime. These are big reactions that didn't get dealt with at the time they occurred, and as a result they live on inside you, generally attracting more of the same.


First we have to understand how consciousness works. Our mammal (emotional) mind is constantly reacting to body sensations. One momentary reaction gives rise to one moment of consciousness (monkey mind). The continuity of your consciousness requires a steady stream of reactions. When you learn to control your reactivity (acceptance), and don't provide a fresh reaction, your consciousness will pull up an old, stored-up one (like how your body eats itself (you get thinner) when you don't feed it).


Your consciousness is like a candle flame burning up the wax/reactions. If you are aware of your body sensations in any moment and don't react to them (accepting them instead), you will burn off a layer of reactivity. As you burn off layer after layer you will eventually expose all of your big, problematic reactions and burn through them too, until sooner or later the candle runs out of wax and the bulk of your suffering is gone.





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