Day 25
30-day Online Course

Physical Vulnerability

There is an interesting and important cultural conversation happening these days around vulnerability and courage, and Brene Brown is a leading figure in it. (Her mega-famous TED talk is a good place to start.)


Today we looked at how this emotional shift towards vulnerability has it's foundations in your body ('strong & soft') - specifically in your Wonderbreath and in Sitting at Attention, which are the inside and outside of a physical shift towards awareness and acceptance.


As you sustain this posture you will release your defensive tension (which can masquerade as strength), creating space for joy, creativity, love, etc! At the same time, this posture is the most efficient at burning that candle of old reactivity. 🕯


Notice what sort of emotions and thoughts show up as you sustain a physical posture of openness and attention, and also how different life situations influence your posture in different ways:

  • What makes you tense?

  • Where do you get tense?

  • Can you sustain your openness when you're stressed?





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