Day 26
30-day Online Course


As the (chattering) Monkey and the (yelling) Mammal settle down and the Reptile releases held tension, you will start to hear the voice of your (whispering) Body. Your intuition lives down here at this level. You need this information (part of your sensational intelligence) in order to live a good life.


There are the more obvious body sensations (posture, pain, hunger, cold, etc.) you've been focused on, and then under them are a more subtle class of sensations which feel like a buzz/tingle/energy. This is your cellular/life level of mind. Eventually, with increased awareness and acceptance, you will feel your whole body buzzing (and all of the denser sensations will release back into the buzz from which they're made). These subtler sensations are how your intuition talks to you. Your job is to spend time simply feeling and loving them (accepting & aware), and then sooner or later insights will bubble up into your monkey mind, giving you one of those high-value thoughts!


Your active (out of control!) thinking and emotional minds are the biggest barrier to feeling/hearing your intuition. Keep practicing focus and acceptance and eventually this deeper level will show up automatically.😊


When you have a decision to make, try tapping into your subtle body feel for a few moments. Over time, this will change your habitual and reactive patterns of behaviour.





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