Day 3
30-day Online Course

Mind Model

This first week we're looking at presence, a function of your human mind. This human mind is what allows you to manage (proactively make choices about) the rest of your mind.


We talked about how your brain is made up of 4 brains, which have evolved over time.

  1. Reptile -- Body

  2. Mammal -- Emotions

  3. Primate -- Thinking (self)

  4. Human -- Awareness / CEO


It's very important to understand that your brain operates the same way it evolved -- bottom-up. You first experience a body sensation, then an emotional reaction, and finally thoughts. This means that the cause of stress (an emotional reaction) is always a sensation in your body (like when you're 'hangry', you're 'angry' because you're 'hungry'). It's because we're working on the root-cause of the problem - the body - that we can effectively deal with stress.


Our task in mindfulness practice is to change problematic habits at each level and build inherent strengths. At this human level (Step 1), the problem is 'mindlessness' (lack of presence), and the strength is presence.


Continue to take 1-3 deliberate breaths throughout your day, and notice if/when you are able to remain present in your daily tasks. Keep getting more and more familiar with this state of mind.

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