Day 5
30-day Online Course

Awareness & Acceptance

This first week we're looking at presence, a function of your human mind. This human mind is what allows you to manage (proactively make choices about) the rest of your mind.


This morning I brought up the two skills/strengths/qualities of Awareness & Acceptance. These are the foundations of mindfulness practice and will take you from the very beginning of your practice right to the very end (self-awareness and self-acceptance in particular, which we build and then turn outward and deploy on the external world).


At this early point, we are more directly focused on awareness -- your human mind is the seat of awareness, and when we talk about the state of presence, we mean an embodied-awareness. But even here, there is already some acceptance happening. You have to let go of things (problems especially) in order to fully inhabit and receive the present moment. There is no room for active involvement in your thoughts/emotions/problems. Presence requires a degree of 'stopping doing', which brings a degree of accepting how things are right now. We will look much more deeply into acceptance when we explore our mammal/emotional mind, but for now, focus on your awareness.





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