Corporate Programs

Our goal is to guide you, your team and organisation along the 3-stage mindfulness journey:

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Establishing a foundation of wellbeing

resilient, happy, connected

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Building the capacity for sustained high-performance

productive, creative, flourishing

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Achieving enlightened leadership

purpose, meaning, being of service

We offer two types of services



These range from 20-min lunch-and-learn sessions, to half-day workshops, to multi-week courses. We have programs introducing and exploring the whole mindfulness journey (wellbeing, high-performance and enlightened leadership).


Custom Build

these are longer-term skill-building & culture-change programs designed for your organisation. These programs come with a guarantee!



Over fifteen years,

We've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people in our corporate programs.

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Get in touch with us to discuss what would suit your organisation.



Our Clients Speak,

We've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people in our corporate programs.


Thank you so much for your incredible presentation. Personally, it was the absolute highlight of the evening for me. Your words have stayed with me and I've found myself repeating them like a mantra!

Roxane Horton


Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Peppermint Magazine

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend both Manish as a presenter and the program itself as a practical way of adding to the toolkit of professionals working in a complex, stressful and yet ultimately very rewarding field.

Brett Shackleton


Principal, Ferny Grove State School

I believe that there is huge benefits for organizations to partner with you to enhance the well-being and productivity of a workforce under pressure.

Elaine De Vos


Former CEO at Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd

The manner in which you presented, kept the interest and enthusiasm of every member of staff - it is the most committed and focused I have seen the staff. You spoke directly to these areas and did so from bout scientific approaches, referencing brain function as well as more meditative, pastoral approaches. 

Matt Edwards


Principal, St Elizabeth's

Recently Manish presented to each team in our individual offices an amazing mindfulness workshop.

We discovered how the brain works and the difference that a conscious breath or  breaths can make when dealing with difficult situations. We are looking forward to receiving more mindfulness training.

Ashley Fox


Director, Capitol Body Corporate

Manish presents a wonderfully comprehensive body-mind-spirit program very clearly.

I'm motivated to get back to practice.

Jennie Elston


Osteopath/Clinic Manager