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Mindfulness works when you practice daily. That's the only way to build-up the strength of mind needed to change your deepest mental habits – the ones that are causing all of the problems in your life. But, sustaining a daily practice on your own is hard​! We're here to help. If you practice every day for a year, you are guaranteed to make significant positive changes in yourself and your life. 

Join us live online, or watch the recordings whenever you like:

•  Mon–Fri from 6–6:30am  (Brisbane AU / AEST / UTC+10)

•  Sun from 9–10am​

Below are some teaching moments from our current daily online practice group. In a 30 min session, we spend approximately 25 mins practicing. 



Whether you're looking to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing (anyone find these last few years a little bit stressful?!), elevate your performance, or answer life's biggest questions, we can help. 😊


We live in a reality of constant distraction, stress, and an 'always on' culture. To counter this we need to develop our minds and learn the mental skills to thrive.

We integrate an ancient mindfulness practice and cutting-edge neuroscience to help you optimise your mind for greater happiness and wellbeing.

Get in touch with us today and find out how to bring mindfulness into your life or workplace.

Manish & Simone

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I have been meditating for almost 40 years and I felt enormously blessed when I found Manish 10 years ago. Manish is The Real Thing. He integrates science with age-old meditation practices and philosophies. My latest work with him has been the 30-day mindfulness online course. It is a joy to have a positive, invigorating yet relaxed wake-up call in community, led by Manish. I wish I could sign on for a year. It has made me supple and resilient in the way I respond to the day. And it's so easy a habit to slip into! A real gem.

Robyn Emerson

My wife and I have both recently completed the November 2020 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge with Manish. Manish is a thoughtful and highly competent teacher and his authentic and positive style is extremely rare. He fully grasps the complexity of mindfulness practice but approaches every concept in an understandable and achievable way. I highly recommend Sensational Intelligence to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Murray Davis

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