Manish has developed a unique approach to mindfulness that integrates the traditional practice with modern science. He studied evolutionary biology at university, which informs the framework of his teaching.

2022 Daily Practice Challenge

Mindfulness works when you practice daily. That's the only way to build-up the strength of mind needed to change your deepest mental habits – the ones that are causing all of the problems in your life. But, sustaining a daily practice on your own is hard​! We're here to help. If you practice every day for a year, you are guaranteed to make significant positive changes in yourself and your life. ​

• Live online / Recordings available 24/7

• Mon–Fri from 6–6:30am  (Brisbane / AEST / UTC+10)

• Sun from 9–10am​

• Supportive community

• Regular live Q&A

• Join us for the year, month or day

• Only $1/day (yearly)


Retreats are an important opportunity to invest more time into your practice and yourself. All of our past retreats have sold out, so contact us to secure your place now. 

5-day Rainforest Retreats:

– May 4-8 (NSW)

– Aug TBD

– Nov TBD


1-day Urban Retreats: 9am – 3pm 

Lots of sitting practice, some light yoga, and mindful eating. We finish with a deep dive discussion about the practice – bring your questions! (Brisbane max 8 people / Online unlimited)

– Sun Feb 6

– Sun March 6

– Sun April 3

– Sun June 19

– Sun July 24

– Sun Oct 9


Ultimately, we practice not to get better at meditating but to get better at life - so that we can live meaningful, connected and happy lives.

Living by Design is our coaching framework and is based on our 5 Mind Model and our coaching approach of Awareness, Acceptance and Action. 

We work with you on an issue, concern or situation that you want to change or navigate through, in your life. We empower you with the tools and practices to expand your awareness, practice acceptance and take values-driven action. It is a journey of self exploration and personal growth.

We offer 1-on-1 and small group coaching, online or in-person.

Online Courses

The 30-day Challenge is designed to help you build a daily practice. You'll gain self-awareness and self-control. One month is long enough to notice positive changes in yourself!


The course is organised into four weeks, each one looking into a different part of the brain.​ Each day includes a short teaching video, a guided practice video, and an audio Q&A session.

Facilitating the merger between mental health and the corporate office.