About Us

Mallas Mindfulness Method was co-founded by Manish Mallas and Simone Peric. We offer a diverse mix of expertise in traditional mindfulness, neuroscience, coaching, and management consulting.


Manish Mallas

Modern Monk

The ultimate purpose of mindfulness is to ‘wake-up’ – to have clarity around who you are, and to live in and contribute from the ongoing peaceful state that comes with this understanding. This is called ‘finishing' your practice. Having accomplished this makes Manish one of the world’s most experienced mindfulness teachers.

Manish grew-up in California, in an Indian family with a direct mindfulness lineage stretching back 2,500 years to when his family were students of the Buddha. As a child, Manish was selected by his family to carry on the lineage. Since then, for over forty years, he has been practicing meditation, breath-work and yoga.

Manish has developed a unique approach to mindfulness that integrates the traditional practice with modern science. He studied evolutionary biology at university, which informs the framework of his teaching.

Manish has taught thousands of people — from CEOs to 2nd graders — to understand and manage their minds in order to enjoy happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives. He has a passion for making the ancient practice of mindfulness relevant and practical to our modern lives.

Simone Peric

Mindset & Wellbeing Coach


Simone is committed to enabling resilience, wellbeing and performance in individuals and workplaces. She uses a mindfulness-based approach to her coaching focused on values alignment and encouraging individuals to develop self-awareness, emotional resilience and the mindsets that support personal and professional growth. Her work is premised on the belief that, whatever your goals in life, living and working well begin with personal mastery.

Simone has had an interesting and diverse career. She spent over a decade living and working abroad and now combines her professional skills, life experiences and strengths into her work. She has degree qualifications in science and law and over 15 years in management consulting, focused on people and performance.

She practices and has studied mindfulness, positive psychology and coaching. She uses evidence-based approaches that support personal growth, emotional health, positive mindset, achievement and performance. She has a deep curiosity and desire to powerfully serve clients to live and work with a greater sense of wellbeing , meaning, and impact.

If you are interested in personal growth, leadership or organisational performance, please get in touch