What We Practice

The Mallas Method involves a step-by-step practice through the levels of your mind, eliminating negatives and accentuating positives, leaving you with a healthy and balanced mind.

Mindfulness involves building two mental skills: awareness & acceptance. You'll begin your practice by applying these skills to manage the first 4-levels of your mind (your brain). The full practice involves managing all 7-levels of your mind. 

1. Awareness


2. Thinking


3. Emotions


4. Body


Brain Line

5. Life


6. Being


7. Empty

(the goal)

Our ultimate goal is for you to finish your practice and transform your mind. The clarity of this long-term goal means that we address wellbeing, performance and spiritual issues as efficiently as possible. You will experience immediate benefits in your life!


We belong to a direct mindfulness lineage dating back 2,500 years. Based on our history and experience, we offer four traditional practices framed with neuroscience and a dialogue around how they fit into our busy, modern lives. 



Deliberate Body  (regulate your outside & prepare for deep work)


Natural Breath  (build calm-focus & prepare for the deepest work)

Rotary Tiller


Deliberate Breath  (regulate your inside & prepare for deeper work)


Natural Body  (build insight & finish your practice

Why We Practice


The goal of practicing mindfulness is to live better, in every aspect of your life; to be more successful, as you define it and as we frame it; and to consistently feel better and perform better – at work, at home, everywhere and always.

We get better by learning about our own minds, cleaning-up some unconscious bad habits, building some latent strengths, and uncovering our innate goodness. Mindfulness is the practice of doing this. 


You’re not going to get better by chance or by luck, or because you want or believe in it. It’s going to happen through deliberate choices and actions, working through our practice framework: the mind model.


Living better involves improving every aspect of your life. We achieve this breadth of change by working on the foundations of your mind, getting down to the roots of everything you think, feel and do. We’re not concerned with ‘what’ you do, that’s your business, but rather with ‘how’ you do it. We'll help you eliminate friction in your life and live in flow – a state of mind where you feel and perform your best.


How We Practice

Daily Practice

Our community of practice meets live (and recorded) in a daily online session:

M-F at 6-6:30am  &  Sun at 9-10am AEST

The daily community practice is at the core of everything we do. It's where the rubber hits the road, and where the magic happens. Daily practice is the only way to build-up enough momentum and strength of mind to change the deep, unconscious habits that are causing all of your problems. But, even with your own happiness at stake, a daily practice can be hard to sustain on your own! The experience of practicing with a supportive community makes it much easier to maintain a daily practice and build momentum. You'll also get the benefit of an ongoing shared discussion around the experience of personal change and growth.


For most of us, there is very little time for ourselves in our busy lives. Going on a retreat is a gift that we give ourselves. We come together as a supportive community to work individually – to nurture, stretch and strengthen ourselves. Then when we come back home, we share our better selves with the world and make it a slightly better place.  

The retreat experience is mostly about practicing (meditating, breathing, yoga, walking, eating, etc.). We'll give your mind enough time to settle down and find some flow. There is also time for some teaching, self-reflection, discussion and community connection as well. 

Informal Practices

Informal practices are where you apply the formal practice and the mental strength you build, to living your life. Everything can and will become a practice, eventually. Mindfulness is not about what you do, it's about how you do it. Informal practices can be a good introduction to the practice, and can bring a sense of lightness to a daily practice. Recent events we've hosted include:

Winefulness & Chocolate-tasting

Mindful Cloud-watching

Mindful Bush-walking

Mindful Relationships

Mindful Rugby/Swimming/golf/Tennis...